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Cane cutting time.

They cut the Sugar cane field behind us today, the days of hand cutting are long gone now but somehow the contractors manage to do a fairly efficient job on these fields that are still planted the same way as it was in our grandfathers' day.
 Just like when I mow the grass in our yard and attract birds, mowing the much bigger cane attracts much bigger birds like these ducks, millions of them.
It also seems to have stirred up some albatrosses to soar in the dusty air. I think the background mountain is Mt. Hawkins.
I also confess I'm nowhere near an expert on birds, I may have possibly mistakenly identified them.


  1. Those are egrets, not ducks.
    But you knew that already.

  2. Well I do now, plus I had the bonus of not having to do a search, thankyou screwtape ;)