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What a lucky day!

We get home from a trip away and notice a rather horrid stench as well as rather a soaking area around our sewerage drain, bugger. I was going to inspect the council manhole tomorrow to see if as usual the blocked drain was on the council side of the money pit, but then our doorbell rang and amazingly some contractors were doing the rounds of the area clearing the area around the manholes in Ingham, an incredible coincidence.
I advised them about my angst and to my joy they removed a bolt from the manhole which then send a stream of brown yucky stuff out, confirming my belief the blockage was downstream of us in a council zone of cost, they just put the bolt back as there was no point lifting the lid, but happily for me they will report the problem as well as give council a fair idea of blockage location.
This really helps make Jimmy's job easier, and saves paying a wad of money for a plumber to waste his time with us.
A little brown yucky stuff came out here when the bolt was removed but I'm sure the plant life will make good use of it.

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