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A short wander at TYTO and a wedding.

A cloudy rotten day for photos today but it was warm (winter may have broken for the year) and a bit of walking would be good for both our health.
Here I was about to set up a tripod to capture ourselves but a Japanese family came by and offered to shoot us, an offer gratefully accepted, a pity though that my new TF card seems to have a few bad blocks in it as we lost some shots at this point, it happened on the Walgett trip too so I'll need to act.
The water is not dead at TYTO, here's some wildlife.
A wedding was setting up when we wandered past, folk were doing a great job of setting up the place and the ambiance of TYTO will make for a great day for all.

Best wishes to Danielle and Scott, whom we know nothing about.

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