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Two problems here.

Problem one: Peter's back room TV became as lively as a dodo a week ago so muggins volunteered to give it a check over. The dodo-ness was due to a blown fuse and oddly a shorted inductor, some bad mojo must have played on his power lines.
 A makeshift repair was slapped together from a scrap inductor (the bad one is lower right on the photo) and a near enough fuse. Result is TV powering up fine, backlight fine, voltages seem OK, but not having any picture output. That's the end of my tinkering, I don't have the eyesight or the coordination to do anything about the fiddly little bits nor would I think it viable to source bits for a budget TV these days, I'm done.

Problem two: The photo of me shows up a patch of hair on my forehead that was missed on my last trim.


  1. Is that a Workers' club bowls shirt you are wearing?

  2. Yes Ken, quite obsolete now as they've finally adopted more than merely a hint of colour.