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Sunny day.

I'm smiling because I'd managed to find an obscure public lavatory in Townsville.
I'll have to moan somewhere on-line to get some action about a real lack of lavatories for travellers going past Townsville. My favourite and essential stop, the Bushy Parker rest area at Rollingstone half way between Ingham and Townsville has been rendered very awkward to access due to the back road bridge becoming unroadworthy, so now on the Bruce Highway there's no roadside lavatory between Frances Creek 10 km south of Ingham and Sandy Corner 150 km away. The bypass road that Townsville now almost enjoys has also bypassed any of the few public lavatories that ever existed there.
It's illegal to relieve oneself in public in QLD, with the usual penalties verging upon the death sentence which no longer applies here. Not good enough.
The shortest day in another fortnight or so but seasons don't mean a lot here.

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