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Happy Birthday Olivia.

Olivia has her birthday today, too many for her liking but the alternative isn't very exciting. We went out for lunch yesterday to celebrate.


  1. Happy Birthday, Olivia. And we hope you have many, many more.

    Jerry & Barb Hosford

  2. Hmmm, my comment disappeared.... I'll try again...

    Happy birthday Olivia. Hopefully we'll see you down home here sometime.


    One for Jim here...
    Put a gopro on my tank on my ride last Saturday, the censored version here...

  3. You may want to check your email mega, I sent one a week ago.
    Dunno whether I should comment on that video here but it definitely appears a road well known to you, and I have a fair idea where. The camera could do with a better mount but it's a nice touch seeing the tacho.