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Only a geek would do this.

As followers would know I like to use LED lighting but changing the indicators are a real chore on Daisy, Proton seem to have designed her using every hurdle possible to prevent being converted into 21st century lighting rather than 19th.
This is now a rear lamp for daisy, I've found the specialised amber LEDs are too faint and also a poor colour, but using cheap cellophane wrapped around a bright white LED works pretty well. Daisy also has hard to source BAU15S sockets but a tap with a hammer to flatten one of the bayonet tangs on a normal BA15S plug sorts fitting it well enough.
More hurdles I'd overcome previously was the flasher relay being reverse wired to normal types, and the front indicators having the current flow reversed to usual, an issue only with LEDs.
The real fail this morning was not grabbing a decent photo to show the change but I'm sure it's at least as bright or brighter than it was, I just hope I don't have canbus issues but if so that fix should be simple.
The incandescent lamp is on the right here, washed out by the sun, so it's hard to judge.
Both lamps are LED here, again washed out by the sun.

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