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I had to expect this.

The doc wanted to do some blood and other stuff testing on me, but with unclear instructions I checked on-line and saw that the wrong containers were supplied, so when I brought empty jars to the pathology (so they can reuse) and pointed out the error their attitude went from Monday morning miserable to frozen.
In cases like mine they must keep a stock of extra blunt needles for removing blood and this looks good compared to how it was when I left the place.
Predictably I've heard there's a diabetes issue, maybe some day I'll take notice of that, but also they spotted anaemia, that would explain why I've been so fatigued and weak for a while, with a bit of luck they might have a reason soon to slice me up and cut out the Meckel's diverticulum that I suspect I have. I've already ordered a staple remover to save them the bother in case they do.

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