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A few metres away from the market.

I only had to get a few metres from the stalls to regain my comfort level and see the pretty things that surrounded us. Churches seem to be made for photographs, here we try an arty look.
In the wet tropics things just grow.
A younger Jimmy would never have given more than a cursory glance at flowers, but older Jimmy likes pretty things.
I hope only a minimum amount of taxpayer funds went into this arty thing but in this age that's about as likely as the ABC disagreeing with a greens policy, or conversely agreeing with any statement Tony Abbott makes.
I took this picture because there was a pretty green car but the yellow linkage on the white car puzzles me, if I'd known I would have checked it out.
The young chap on the pushbike would be making sure he keeps safe from ridicule from his peers by not wearing a helmet that the law requires.

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