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Some activity from our council.

I emailed QLD Transport about an traffic control issue 14 months ago,
Naturally it was a council matter despite the intersection being used to divert oversize vehicles, so the matter was passed on to them. Much to my surprise a letter arrived today.
Somehow that makes it all worthwhile, it will stop any confusion that currently exists and may just save someone from grief, but only one since after an event they would realise there was an issue and be motivated to sort it out.
Without any incidents it only took 14 months for my message to filter its way in the short periods between cigarette breaks to the top of the tray. I even mentioned it to a typically muscular and tall policeman who was here when Grace died but he considered me somewhat a fool to worry about it, he considered the road to be a driveway, but it isn't, it's a gazetted road and all intersections should be controlled since the road rules relevant to that were changed in the 1970s
Now Jimmy feels a bit smug.

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