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Odd angle.

I was on my way to the cemetery this morning to check on Grace and I saw this show pony parked with a fair lean outside a repair shop.
Lacking a wheel would be reason enough for the lean, of course conservative Jimmy has to wonder about the effect of using fashionable large diameter wheels with thin sidewall tyres, a meatier more comfortable sidewall may have just bounced off the obstacle the unlucky driver hit. Or it could be that the harsher ride from those wheels combined with our roads that consist of connected potholes combined to induce stress fractures. I'll never know but it added some interest this morning.


  1. If that's a BMW, never have I seen an open-back model. IN the US you may still see an El Camino running on the road.

  2. It's s Holden Todd, our local brand of GM. Come to think of it it's odd that GM have a different brand in every corner of earth and a good handful of brand labels in the USA, while all other car makers are happy to push one brand label worldwide with perhaps another luxury label.
    If as expected GM reduce the confusion I hope they don't take the obvious choice of using Chevrolet, far too long and usually mispronounced, perhaps due to eyesight issues making the "t" appear as a "y", Buick would be a far better choice for a world market, short and simple.
    This car is what is known here as a utility, being derived from the USA market it has a massively oversized engine to propel its thimble sized load.