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Tyre time.

This tyre's old and cracked, maybe all right around town but if it delaminates on the highway it can cause damage so, I thought it was older but the date code on indicates it's only 8yo but that's still quite long in the tooth. To beat the heat I started early.
 The cracked surface.
I didn't see a spot on the rim so I just aligned the light mark with the valve stem, happily without weights the bubble was close enough to centre that I left it alone.
The work fitting them is the price I pay for being in control of things, buying tyres in regional Australia is full of pain, choice is limited, prices are high, and you have to deal with salesmen who invariably make life awkward. These Goodride tyres I bought a little while back have a UTQG 480 A A rating, shops here rarely sell anything even with a UTQG rating and then seldom above 300, their belief is that despite our straight and generally dry roads that have conservative and strictly enforced speed limits, we should all be driving on boy racer rubber with an expensive brand label on it. In reality under our road rules compressed cardboard would be adequate.


  1. I have a 15 year old tyre on my utility trailer in better condition than this.

    Michael Golden

  2. I know many people turn their noses up at anything made in China.
    That tyre was made in New Zealand.