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Haiyan trouble.

Or Yolanda as it's known locally. Olivia is bunkered down at home hoping the damage is minimal.
Our local news has said it's bigger than any cyclone that's hit Australia on record.
I was in contact with a very concerned Olivia last night but I think she's under a blackout now and it may take a few days to find out the result. Flooding for her is a very real worry with past events known to put a metre or so of water through the house. My real concern is the roof that's made of compressed rust will fly away and not just leak as it currently does, the house however is concrete and quite solid.

If immigration had done a bit more than sit on their hands delaying her visa application then she could be monitoring things from here. Frustrating to me is skilled working visas can breeze through the system in a month but her spouse visa has to gather a thick enough layer of dust before the difficult chore of rubber stamping it can occur, despite the system being able to deport her for any anomaly for a couple of years after arrival.
Blue arrow is where Olivia lives.

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