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Legazpi after Haiyan/Yolanda.

Olive wandered out after being bunkered down by the typhoon and it seems things at Embarkadero on the harbour front were that lovely she'll return, I loved it there during my all too brief visit too.
I love pretty things too.

A couple helicopters probably heading for Tacloban City which suffered wicked damage.
Olive will be volunteering to help the emergency supply effort today. 
 Life returns to normal with a PAL A320 taking off somewhat late for Manila, soon it will do a right hand loop around Legazpi.


  1. Sorry, life is full of obstacles, wish I could be again but it'll happen. Albay is poised for a tourist boom, with the international airport getting close to completion only a few things need to be done to put out a very obvious welcome mat for visitors.