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Time for refurbishment.

I noticed on my night light house number (the same as our new PM) I had three LEDs that due to corrosion had gone into dark mode, I planned on just replacing the bad ones but naturally after doing the first one everything failed, so I pressed the spare set into service.
Of course the reason for that conundrum was an unrelated poor connection in the battery box, probably due to sensing Jimmy was doing a job and it'd frustrate him.
Since I did a fancier job than planned I decided to give it some new paint, of course my beliefs prevent me from doing too pretty a job, that's for other people to do.
Put the new LEDs into the holes and the job is done.
The grass is as dry as any time I've ever seen it, I think we may be heading for a few drier than average years just like it was when we moved here a decade ago. A bit of time without flooding even has a nice sound to it.

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