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Sorted resistors.

Being alone again my tinkering has expanded a bit, to help a bit I've sorted my electronic bits a bit.
A dozen years ago I spent a day sorting my resistors much like this, but Grace thinking they were all the same tipped them all back into a bucket, I just shrugged my shoulders, life's too short to worry about little things like that but it did slow my experimenting down a lot.


  1. Well said. Sometimes I wish my stuff would always stay where I put it, but as you say, that's what you get when it's just you!

  2. What do you use them for? Everything now seems to be micro PCBs, with resistors the size of a sesame seed.

  3. Tinkering Dave, they don't get a lot of use but it's good to have what you want on hand. It's been years since I've been able to read them, I have to rely on a multimeter, when younger I'm sure they were larger but they were also only four band jobs, much easier back then.