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Olympus SZ-16 sensor cleaning.

I noticed a spot typical of a speck on the sensor of my wonderful and not expensive SZ-16 when I made a woeful attempt to capture some birds yesterday when visiting Grace.
A pixel sized crop.
When I got home I carefully cleaned the lens, not easy with old eyes so I used a loupe to see, but the spot was still there afterwards, so with an unusual spurt of energy I decided to see if I could clean the sensor.
This is a reason for buying a camera with a removable lens, perhaps even the best reason but the convenience of a fixed lens camera is wonderful. I've had this happen before with a Panasonic so it's not brand specific.

 Marked in yellow are the screws to remove the rear cover, you only need a very small phillips head screwdriver.
The rear cover has a ribbon cable plugged into the little fiddly socket marked in yellow, lift its clip up to loosen it, be wary it's also quite an awkward one to refit, young eyes would definitely help.
Circled in white is a much larger clip that must loosen to remove the screen, it's much easier to manage than the little one.
I'm a bit ahead of myself here but circled in yellow is where three screws have to be undone so the plate that mounts the screen can be removed.
Circled in red are the screws that when removed allow access to the sensor. The whole black assembly has to be carefully juggled so it hinges out a bit along the line of the three ribbon cables shown to it's right here.
Shocking photo but I'm not going to pull the camera apart again just to get a better one. The sensor is circled in yellow, I used a loupe and saw a speck on it. then I took the safer option of blasting some air from a rocket blower on it, checked with loupe and it then appeared clean, so I whacked it all back together and went outside to do a test shot. naturally the sky knew it was important to me so the blue we're so used to had suddenly become clouded over, bugger. But the test shots looked clear.
Hope this helps someone but only try it if you're prepared to write the camera off if the worst happens.

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