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Jim's Ginger Beer.

Always an eye for saving money I now have a stock of ultra cheap Ginger Beer.
I have a 10 litre brewer that was a pain for doing beer but is superb for making Ginger pop.
All I do is chuck in a packet of crushed ginger powder, a kilo of raw sugar (better colour) fill with water, add some bread yeast, wait about 3 days and bottle, putting a teaspoon of sugar in to prime the bottle. Makes 8 1.25 litre bottles that can be drank after a few days. Add things to experiment, a squirt of lemon juice may help.
The ginger gives the mouth a taste that allows you to drink a few, much as bitter hops help beer.
Now Jimmy sleeps better at night as well as easing his budget.
It's also one of the few fun things you can do here that isn't against our draconian laws, though if I tried to sell it I suppose I'd be facing consecutive life sentences.
The red colour was a boo-boo, I wanted a pink colour and popped in a few drops of red food colouring, result deep red, who would of thought?

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