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Crushers scoreboard.

This was erected a few weeks ago so I feel Crushers plan on continuing to use this oval close to me.
Mid season on the the teams moaned about the ground being undersized, this was of course denied by all locals, but I did a quick and simple check and find that it's definitely undersize and the marking must have been laid by someone after too much happy juice. Some markings are a proper 10 metres apart but most others are somewhere from about 8.5 to 10 with no real symmetry or logic applied.
The ground doesn't suffer size constraints like typical pommie grounds do, usually caused by their worship of the false prophet Soccer.
Maybe if we're lucky the markings will grow out in the off season and they'll wander out with a tape that's been made this century to get it right, but they'll have to move the goalposts.

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