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It was cheap, but what do I do with it.

It seemed a good price, after wondering for a bit what to do with it I made fritters.
They tasted all right but wanted a magic ingredient I didn't have, maybe as simple as onion.
 This was probably a better buy, cheaper even than the generic ones and tasted at least as good.
I think I must have inherited the hunt a good price gene from my mother.


  1. I too love the bargain bin and manager's special. I always say the one or two extras you buy on the spur of the moment waste all the savings you worked for on the main items.

  2. That's so true, but I make up for that a bit by not having a set list when I shop, that allows me leeway for things like these.
    My meal planning is usually decided by what is priced at the "buy me" level.