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There's a message in this bunny.

The Easter goodies at Coles were reduced today, but most were still too expensive to consider.
The message here I'd like to push is the drummer bunny, what this country really lacks now is marching bands and that stems back to schools, I see a real need for marching bands to be pushed at school level, so later we have a supply of musicians for Anzac day parades and such. March music would be a far more important thing to push than the dribble played on the radio. With all the money having been wasted in the past as well as promised in the future for education, I think it'd be good to see some of the mountain of money used on band instruments, even *gasp* bagpipes.


  1. Here every school has a marching band, some of them huge, and every holiday has a bunch of them in parades.

  2. That's great Todd, plus you can play all the Sousa you like without fear of questioning.