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Bug time.

Tongue out.
Tongue rolled up.


  1. Good shot, Jimmy. Never seen this before. Amazing.

  2. I didn't see it either Jerry, but I had to post it after checking the photos.
    I suppose that's why old fools buy cameras, so we can see again.

  3. In Rochester NY we have a dragon fly that looks like a hummingbird when it sips from the flower. They are real foolers. They move so fast and dart about so I never get a really good look at them. Your insect seems moth-like but also an imitator.

    Miriam - Dave's wife

  4. I think you're onto something there Miriam, I thought it was a moth but it can't be, however despite having a sort of butterfly wing position I doubt if it's really one of them.
    Never mind, if it feeds on flowers then it isn't hurting me.