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I wish I wasn't used to this.

The new cutter belt for the mower arrived this morning, and happy Jim set about immediately to fit it.
Fitting is simple on these, release belt from engine pulley, engage cutter lever to release brake, remove belt, then fit new one in reverse order. I had a few other issues to deal with so I took a bit of extra time and welded a bracket for a new mulching plate I shall make soon enough.
Then after mowing half the grass and things were going smoothly I hear a ping and no more mowing, the new belt had snapped, resulting in a sad Jim. I hope the kangaroos move in to keep the grass down while I await delivery of another belt.


  1. Very frustrating, but you have a more positive outlook about a repair gone sour than I would. Hope they have a better product the next time.

  2. I ordered one from another supplier.
    I'm so used to failure it hardly matters any more.
    What I am happy about is the great strike rate of the new XZ-10 camera, very few duds.