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Samsung CLP-300 printer, stripe problem solved.

My printer has been annoying me for ages due to a stripe that appeared and decided to hang around. A bit like the old game Impossible Mission "stay a while, stay forever" hmmm speech on a C64 game, programmers were clever then.
I checked the simple things that can be accessed without luck but last night curiosity won the day and I found a cover plate the simply unclips. So if you have this issue here's a quick how to.
First open the front and pull out the toner drawer by tugging the green handle.
Next lift up and remove the plate I've written lift on in pink.

That exposes a clear screen I've noted with pink arrows, wipe it clean and then simply clip everything back in place, no tools needed except a rag.
A rather simple job that had me bamboozled for way too long.

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