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Ingham 1927 flood victims.

I wandered out to the old Ingham cemetery this morning, in the late 1940s the new Ingham cemetery replaced it. This grand memorial holds 13 victims of the 1927 flood Ingham suffered, it seems 23 locals died and this has the Italian related ones. It's in fairly good shape but a freshen up would be nice.
In 1927 they hadn't yet thought of the terms global warming or climate change to blame for weather events, they were too busy just trying to stay alive. Nowadays the media point the finger at climate change which gets the savvy among us beating a path to where they can gain taxpayer money to push this line of scaremongering, which regardless of whatever they do won't make a scrap of difference to our climate.

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  1. I went there with my mum I got scared I asked if we can go back