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Out of toner.

Amazingly I'm not upset about this, I've had the printer five years and the cyan and yellow are the first to expire, the happy surprise was checking online for replacement cost and I smiled, cheap enough that I may use the printer more often now.
I already had a spare set so no drama for now, though I did decide to empty the waste container, which resulted in deciding to have a shower immediately afterwards, perhaps that's the reason they advise against emptying?


  1. I just paid US$12 on ebay for a set of one color and one B&W cartridge for my aging HP deskjet 5100. It still works fine. We plug the usb into either the desktop or the laptop as it has no Ethernet or wireless, and my wireless router has no usb port.

  2. $21 from eBay including postage, 3 colours plus black, cheap enough not to bother fiddling around.