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Painful graph.

I spotted this when checking out the COPD that Grace died from and it has a very true look about it, Grace stopped smoking a few years before she died but only because she had become housebound and wouldn't ask me to buy them, it would seem to me that the result of quitting was increasing her lifespan by a year or two.

Smokers always believe they won't be the ones to get cancer, so Grace won on that score, but I have to believe the smoking still got her and left me widowed. Not all smokers are susceptible to this problem though, and I truly believe my Mother to be one else I'd surely be a semi-orphan by now, but smoking has more ways to kill you than cancer.


  1. After we got mums death certificate I took it to our doctor for an explanation & he definitely thought all the conditions on her death cetrtificate were smoking related.

  2. My wife has COPD. She never has smoked. Her's seems to be from all the drugs she's used over the years to keep her asthma in check.

  3. If you have carpets then get rid of them, I'm sure there's a link with carpets and asthma.