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Bokeh blah.

Quite a nothing shot done by a grumbly Jimmy this morning. Two current trends in photography rather annoy me, one is an overabundance of B&W shots, in my youth B&W was shot because either colour wasn't available (not until into the 1960s in Australia) or colour was too expensive, now hoards of people gush about it, The other is extreme efforts to achieve a short depth of field, usually by spending big on large sensor cameras and very bright lenses, I think far more often an increased depth of field is desired, which is something a compact sensor camera has a natural advantage over the "better" cameras.
Anyway this shot demonstrates that a compact camera with a bit of zoom, like this Olympus SH-25 MR can achieve a short depth of field too. Just set the camera to macro and zoom a fair amount (maximum is best) to your target from a further distance than you'd normally try.
I don't do black and white stuff, I leave that to those who have peers they want to impress. Years of watching TV in my younger days and having to imagine blue sky and green grass destroyed any desire to revisit that drab world.
That said, I was a bit disappointed in my SH-25 this morning, it does have two weakish areas, not enough zoom and a softness on the edge of photos, but this morning was a bit softer than I'd like, maybe my blue by mainly using the P setting rather than the sensible auto setting, and the lens may have wanted a bit of a clean.
Olympus have the new SH-50 being released shortly, it has the desired zoom but the lens sharpness is a mystery yet, also it lacks GPS and won't have as nice a colour, but I should consider I think.

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