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I wonder if anyone will notice?

With Australia day coming up on the 26th Kraft have relabelled their iconic national food.

I must also confess to being a huge fan of Kraft as they now seem to be the only cheesemaker who are capable  of making a block cheese that isn't tasty. All the other makers stick different labels on the same (un)tasty cheese, someone should remind them that Queenslanders like MILD, leave the tasty for those southerners who have no palate. I think the American's call tasty sharp, maybe if we also did then we'd be able to see decent mild back on the shelves.


  1. The tasteless cheese you refer to is what we call mild cheese. I prefer a mild cheese also. I think those who like sharp cheese have no taste buds.

  2. Jim I suppose your house doesn't often have Italian provolone... Linda loves it, but it's so sharp it clears my sinuses from twenty paces.

  3. Nope, I had to look up what it was. The Dolce variant may interest me. I think wine critics and cheese makers must be related, when wine tastes like turpentine the critics gush about how great it is thus proving how superior their tastebuds are compared to the common class, I've ignored them for years but I now also ignore chefs who waffle about cheese.
    Hmm methinks I should put a new post up about camera reviews, I'm sure bias is rampant.

  4. I'm shopping for a new camera, the old 4.0 nikon 4100 has had it.

  5. The Nikon S9100 I used for this is a genuinely useful camera, nice to use too but it looks like its replacement is about to be released, probably explains why I got mine at a friendly price.