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Not a total wasted trip.

This ripper of a snake was doing a good job of blocking the road to the falls, I'd reckon it about 2.5 metres long, out of respect I carefully drove past in the roadside crud.


  1. It looks longer than 2.5! Is it a feirce snake?

  2. I was being conservative, perhaps embarrassingly so given the roadway passes two cars comfortably.

    I think it's a Carpet Python but I wouldn't be smiling much if it wrapped itself around my neck, I'm of the opinion it was trying to warm up a bit.

  3. I've heard Australia has more poisonous and dangerous wildlife than anyplace else.

  4. Maybe only because we have to jump through hoops to have a protection device like a gun or knife. We do have our share of poisonous snakes though this charmer isn't one, the funnel web spider is about the only spider to be feared, not a common animal but the platypus has poison too, plus crocodiles and sharks will think nothing of having you for dinner.

    Other countries have more than their share of scary critters, like Bears in your part or Britain's iconic native, the lion.

  5. We had that young lady surfer lose her arm to a shark. She continues living a full life in spite of it.