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SH100 plaything.

Jimmy just wasted a bit more money on a new pocket camera to take with him about town.
I must be becoming a bit of a Samsung fan but bottom line is nearly always price and Samsung do price quite well.
The WB700 on the left fits fairly easily in a pocket but its extra zoom is not needed about town and Jimmy got to thinking something smaller and simpler may be better to carry about town, also the new SH100 on the right was available in a colour.

The WiFi had me a bit curious but in reality for me its use is too limited to be a selling point, for others it may be just the trick.
Delivery was a pain, I tracked it leaving China, then being cleared by customs here quickly, followed by a week of sitting in the Sydney freight depot, then 4 more days to travel here. However for $132 all up, hardly moaning material.
Function wise the SH100 is about what I was looking for, I didn't want fancy controls, I just wanted the auto mode to give a good cheery result, and that's something Samsung do manage very well. Most of my use is in bright sunny days so Samsung's less than stellar high ISO performance isn't much of an issue for me, I trade that off for what I perceive is Samsung having excellent lenses and their programmers favouring a bright punchy look that I prefer.

I've read reviewers criticising the SH100's touch screen's feedback but I'm finding it excellent and sensitive, perhaps the firmware upgrade addressed the moans there.


  1. The WB700 must be what you've been using to take those great pictures around town.

  2. Sure is but the WB600 I was using before that is a much better buy if any buyer can find one. The extra pixels of the WB700 is a minus if anything, the limit of sensors this small may have been found.
    At home the NX100 gets a workout but though it fits a pocket it's way too much a squeeze to bother considering. I saw too good a buy on that to ignore, with two lenses and the flash for about the $400 mark, even one of the lenses sell for over $200 today, I actually prefer the fixed length number 20, it took the two shots which it isn't in, though the light wasn't my friend, I'm waiting for some to arrive.