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This arrived in the mail yesterday.

The carbon pollution they repeat mantra style to push their new tax is actually carbon dioxide, part of the cycle of life, plants need it to grow and feed us. I am so beyond listening to anything this government does that I've just switched off totally. The sooner this incompetent wasteful government is gone the better off all but the employees of the totally meaningless climate change department will be.

This is what I did with it.


  1. I had a look at the writing inside... it took a couple of sentences for me to bin it, waste of time and money, if ever the greenies started growing a brain and realised how stupid they are, they'll realise that because of our population and land size means that we'll never be efficient using coal fired power stations, more better we use Thorium as a nuclear fuel, we have a bucketload of the worlds reserves here in OZ and you cannot have a meltdown with Thorium.... but the greenies won't have it... retards...

    I like the car too.

  2. Never mind Thorium, any plain Jane nuclear will do. I am so over this Bob Brown led government I just hope they don't do anything more till election time, everything they've touched so far has turned into a black hole of debt with nothing to show for it.