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Another bonus.

Is Fritz easily fits into a parking bay. Pity it's a horrible colour, grey yuck!


  1. This size vehicle, while common in Japan, is unavailable in the states. Yet we have the Daimler "Smart Car" 2 seater. Go figure.

  2. Since the world has adopted English as the common language AND the metric system as the common measurement, the next step perhaps should be adopting a universal side of the road to drive on, this would mean us changing to the right, but that's no big deal.

    Then we may see a more universal car market because right now we're being left way behind by our superior attitude that has importers reluctant to bring in some very worthy units.
    Fritz has 31 kW of power and flies on the highway, the lowest power car currently available here now makes 50 kW and is perceived as underpowered, how warped are we?

    Fritz is also very easy to enter/exit and has way more headroom than almost any other car, nice and narrow too, that can be very handy :)