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Another productive day.

The boot was torn on the tie-rod end and although it's otherwise OK without being dustproof it'll be soon buggered, since I'm no longer part of any trade I think I might only embarrass myself trying to find a new boot, so I bought a complete unit, usually you'd go to a lot of trouble to keep the wheel alignment the same when fitting but the previous owner must have taken it to one of the 9 out of 10 shonk shops because the alignment was woeful. I've set it a bit closer now and will probably play a bit more later.

Why can't people leave the alignment as it left the factory, they get it right and then shops proceed to ruin it.


  1. Me thinks the shops would like to sell an alignment with every other oil change.

  2. Timing belt changes are another good lurk, I did Fritz's yesterday morning and slow as dirt Jimmy only took an hour. I think shops pretty well pocket a minimum of $400 for doing them, meaning with jobbers to scared to tackle any work themselves delaying shelling out that sort of money on a very important job until it breaks and writes off the car they're still paying for. Then they badmouth the car maker because it broke despite their woeful lack of maintenance.