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What was in the mystery box.

It was new pretty yellow dampers for Tru.
$142 delivered.


  1. The extra noise was obvious. The old one ain't worth a plug nickel. Besides the new one is a pretty yellow like you said. :-)

  2. So does Tru still have the "Reggie Racer" wheels? I hear the weather is being rather odd South of you.

    Michael Golden

  3. Still serviceable but adding a bit of bling is nice. The noise was the muffler hanging too close to the bumper, a bit of grunt on it gained a tad more clearance to hush things up. I should feel silly but the yellow is nice and a good enough excuse.

    Weather has always done strange things, it's true some places had midsummer snow, they don't even make a habit of getting winter snow. Tru still has the wheels, i'm still working on a plan to get it back to standard but the best thing is to buy 4 steel wheels ($30 a pop) and tyres at say $100 per, then I still have the issue of 4 alloys that i'll need to refit to sell Tru, or move should our property be turned into a lane of the Bruce Highway.
    I think I may sit on my hands a bit longer.