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Happy Birthday Grace.

It's Grace's birthday today. Here's a snap from the early 90s in front of a fairly famous location from one of our day trips. Like nearly everyone we didn't take many photos in those dark and expensive pre-digital days. These days i'd probably take 100+ piccies on a trip like that but back in those days you carefully rationed what you could do. If memory is right it was probably one of those little 110 pocket cameras.


  1. Happy Birthday Grace, and also to you Jim OH! and happy Anniversary to.
    Eyesdaby on DaRock

  2. Thank you John for the Birthday and Anniversary wishes.

  3. Having been raised in a Kodak Instamatic family, I bought a 35mm Minolta in '78 and was amazed at the quality of the pictures I was taking. Your picture looks quite good considering its nearly 20 years old and has been scanned from the original.