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Wet season.

The wet has started and the frogs/toads must know it as they're breeding in the dip in our backyard. Shown here is a spawn patch.

The wet slows us down a bit, we went for a drive to Townsville yesterday and it was too wet to bother taking any pictures, hopefully I can get back into gear again soon.


  1. I was reading a news article this evening titled "Aussie cane toads take Sundance by storm". It's about a 3D movie someone made from the frogs point of view. (Since I can only see out of one eye, I don't get too excited over 3D movies) We had a bunch of "Cuban Tree Frogs" hopping about here in Central Florida a couple years back, until something developed an appetite for them.

  2. The jury may still be out on whether you're missing much with 3-D, the effect is good-ish but the watching is a bit like a silent film, a lot of work.

    Some of our wildlife has worked out a way of eating canetoads and their numbers certainly appear down on what they were 30 years ago.