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I slipped up the street this morning to have some blood drained for tests, took a few piccies so I may as well post something.

Nothing much to look at here but at least it shows the fuel price.


  1. Which is 6.4 cents cheaper than ours. Must be because you are closer to Singapore.

  2. Converts to US$3.88/us gallon vs. $2.41 that I paid last week, if my math is right. Our state has lower fuel taxes than the national average.

  3. I think it's gunna rise a bit real soon but our prices don't have the up and downs that big city folk have. Closer to Singapore? yeah right Ken, we wish :)

    The difference in price between the USA and here is mainly tax, ours rose 6 months ago when our state government after finally realising they had driven our economy into the ground removed the 8.3c per litre rebate that QLD had for a few years.