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Good stuff.

We met our old friends John and Theresa for the first time on the weekend, where they're from will become screechingly obvious from looking at the lovely presents they gave us.

We tried the beers last night and gave them all the big thumbs up, so much so the XXXX we washed them down with afterwards was a disappointment. I'd fancy the Coors light which at 4% alcohol is between our light and full strength could become very popular here if promoted. It went down very easy in our climate. Molson's had more hops and the Jockey Club was a fuller maltier type again but still a cleaner less bodied tipple than the XXXX. Maybe it's time we addressed our brews.

I'll give the Screech a try soon when i'm in the mood to lose control of my speech.
Very impressed by it having a plastic bottle, it just makes sense.


  1. I'm a longtime fan of all the Molson varieties and other Canadian brews like Labatt's. They have a distinctive clean taste. Coors light is probably the best light beer and an excellent beer overall.

  2. Hopefully you will see this comment on an old post. What you need in your climate is Bud Light with lime. I keep them handy now that our summer is in full swing.