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End of the road.

This morning my last Grandparent died, my Dad's mother Betty who was just two months short of 100.
This is my last photo of her, taken at her nursing home in May 2008.
I never really knew her but she had a good run.


  1. Jim
    I'm sorry your grandmother died. Barbie said she looked good for her age. I agree. I don't think I'll make it that long but if I do I hope I look that good.

    Jerry Hosford

  2. Thanks Jerry, it makes you think of your own mortality. From what I've seen of aging if you don't look that good at that age then there's no point making it that far.
    Sadly for my Dad (Fred) she died the day before his 80th birthday and has left him an orphan. She was a very moral person so Fred must have been born the six months premature that was claimed. People were tougher in those days.