A busy day ahead.

First up take a table around to Lorna's place so they can set up for her party this evening. It's under a mango tree so we're sure to be bonked on the head by a few.
Then off to the cemetery to say hello and check on Grace.
Then with things nicely warmed up I gave Daisy a freshen up for Xmas with a change of oil. This time I've followed by tightwad instinct by opting for Coles oil now that they've finally 35 years too late changed to a 15W-40 brew, for way too long the budget oil in Australia has been 20W-50 which is too thick for any engine made since about the Model T, it seems to be an Aussie thing to offer treacle, thank you Coles for making the change. Last time I looked Woolies still sold 20W-50, so those suffering chronic oil consumption can still get a cheap fix.

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