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Close to a replacement.

The Goodyear Ducaro tyres that Daisy were shod with will be getting replaced soon, I've already organised a set to be fitted in Sydney when Olivia and I do a little road trip in a few weeks time, by then they should be down to about 3 mm of tread depth and replacement would be a prudent choice.
These tyres have been quite a surprise to me, after the first 1000 km my measuring indicated they would last a mere 5000 km but it seems they might have a very soft outer layer since they've now done 17,000 km. I'm at a loss to explain why I've never liked these tyres, they grip extra well, even in the wet, no nervous moments, they're not a tyre available to the Australian market though, perhaps because only tyres rejected by leading countries get imported here.

Better news is I inspected the front brake pads and their wear is negligible after 16,000 km of use, these very budget Protex Blue pads I fitted when near new have been great, better bite and feel than the stock pads, yet to my surprise have not worn quickly as a result of the good cold grip characteristic.

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