These little starter batteries really work.

Lorna called us today to help her start her car, a Nissan Pathfinder with a 3.3 litre petrol engine. The battery was absolutely flat, which made me suspect a trailer brake accessory that had been recently fitted had a wiring error. I simply unplugged what I could see of it and hooked up my little starter pack which happily got things going.
I've checked things since for drain and it's OK so I'll look into the wiring sometime in the near future.
Meanwhile things remain slow with my posting as I've been very slow to shake off whatever illness struck me down just after Xmas, I'm still fairly weak but at least the coughing is vastly reduced, first the Queen and Prince Phillip, then me, and now GHW Bush and his wife Barbara, what a bugger of a thing, surely related to the flu epidemic of 100 years ago.
Oh and my hair has been a fail too, I tried a fancy cut the other week but naturally made a mess of it so it's back to bare skull showing again.

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