Not a fashion that I'll follow.

I saw this is Townsville yesterday, the lack of any tyre sidewall is a fashion without merit, having an uncomfortable ride risking tyre and wheel damage from any bump of the road isn't something for me, it wouldn't even handle as well as something with a bit of sidewall.
I feel I'm old enough now to reject any fashion that doesn't appeal to me, such as those hideous long shorts men wear that are fairly universal, with my stumpy Gunner Sugden type legs the look is cringeworthy but despite being unable to buy proper shorts I at least have the lovely Olivia to adjust these new abominations length to a less shameful look.
Posting a bit interrupted of late I've been fairly sick since just after Xmas, coughing like a heavy smoker, more reason to never become one of them, maybe it's Pneumonia or Whooping Cough but either way it's possibly showing signs of improving, at least some of my strength returned today.

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