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Dunno about this.

In the interest of family harmony, or keeping the Memsahib happy I've been going with Olivia to the Community Support group's Friday meetings, and I suppose I'll continue doing it.
At least today's health promotion was fairly quick, harmless and meaningless. I would have asked today's speaker who as part of his taxpayer funded business dabbles in diet if there's a good food for eyesight that doesn't require teeth, but the opportunity never arose.
In my view the whole set up is aimed towards attracting taxpayer funding but it does serve the purpose of giving some of the less able amongst us a chance to socialise.
I much prefer the usual commercial bingo cards to these but I sense these are printed out of absolute order to provide a bit of mind exercise.
BTW the first emptyish card here was merely for a line, and the third card suffered from waiting an eternity for the 61 that was never called, but I wouldn't have BINGOed anyway if it had, no need to spoil someone else's day for the non-prize that was on offer.

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