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A touch of polymorph beads vanity.

My rear teeth have been in ruinous condition lately, a situation not helped by our struggling Queensland health system so I bought a pack of polymorph beads in the hope of being able to do something to ease the pain of eating, the result is I'm as pleased as punch about these magical plastic beads.
After a couple of ordinary trial jobs on my rear teeth, which aren't really a problem as the beads are a low melting point plastic that can simply be popped in hot water and remolded as often as desired, I ended up just capping my broken rear teeth totally with the stuff resulting in being able to eat without have to spend ages picking out food bits from the holes, plus also being able to chug cold drinks without a flood of tears from the pain, another happy side effect is Olivia thinks my breath is less foul than prior to using it. It's nice not having to get up in the middle of the night because of toothache, so bad as my capping may have been, for now I'm very pleased.
Today in this photo I've used them for a cosmetic purpose, covering the stump of the number two tooth that I broke nearly 20 years ago, as well as the missing side of the number one where the recent filling fell out of and the number 3 which had a chunk break off a couple of days ago. None of these caused pain so with a small amount of shame I have to say this is largely cosmetically driven, although the main driver is my inherent urge to be an independent DIY sort of person, all the while learning.

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  1. Had all of my teeth pulled for the same reason. Turned out I had paradonal disease. Nothing but false now. big re-leaf.