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My temporary filling just lived up to its name.

Finally after much longer than expected this temporary filling fell out, I return to the dentist on Thursday but she had planned to pull another tooth before pulling the one this filling was in, I doubt she'll pull both in the same visit so I suppose more pain will follow shortly.
This photo also exposes an issue that effects all photography and one that the current fashion for large black cameras with massive and usually oversized sensors, all too often further weighed down by a flapping mirror that has only a legacy purpose nowadays, the issue is depth of field and the so-called pinhead sized sensor this budget gem the Olympus SZ-16 naturally has a deeper depth of field than a large sensor camera but you can see the limited focus depth here. The current fashion for very shallow depth of field is going to mean a lot of photos being shot around the world suffering from this flaw until the users realise that most times they actually want a deeper depth of field for what they're shooting.
Don't give up on small sensor cameras yet, they actually still have a place as well as some advantages despite the sensors now appearing to pretty well be at the limit of development.
Pocketability, Price and Zoom being pretty good factors for a purchase, plus in my case being able to buy a non-black/bland camera means plenty too but I'm a bit weird like that.

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