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Maraka festival.

Maraka is a festival that dates back to the days before Australians discovered they had colour vision and sugar cane was cut by hand, back in the day it was to celebrate the end of the cutting season, these days there's still plenty of cane left to chop at this time of year but if it was to stay true to its origin then years end would be even busier. Olivia and I went to see the parade yesterday and I'm afraid I found it very ordinary and I think the parade needs an injection of life.
To me this was the highlight but in rather a sad and expensive way, I don't know why they let a Rolls Royce into the parade as it isn't Italian but the slow pace was proving to be a task beyond it and as it passed us it began emitting a fair cloud of fumes that had a real overheating odour to them, I sense a fair sized repair bill coming up for the owner.

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