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Something disappointing about Elmer.

Our new mower Elmer is a lovely cheap mower but I'm not happy about its wheel bearings, although it has two on every wheel the R8 spec bearings have imperial measurements and to me that's rather sad as its lovely Chinese engine has proper ISO fittings which make it easy to find a spanner to suit, unlike those wretched B&S engines that still use those old obscure fittings that went obsolete here before we even had colour TV.
This is the rear wheel housing showing the gear that drives a matching ring gear cast into the plastic wheel, a simple but certainly not well sheltered system, however it's probably as good as it needs to be. That axle has a 12 mm diameter, something I don't consider a good fit for a 12.7 mm bearing, I'm hoping a couple of 6001 bearings that I've ordered are suitable here and if so I'll order another 6 and change things over.

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