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Another fiddly job.

I mounted another thermometer today to monitor the outside temperature, the old unit I'd been using for ages had became fairly useless due to a centre darkening of the LCD panel, something I think is common from age, and I'd replaced it earlier in a failed manner due to the clever makers reducing costs and heat welding the case together which is very difficult to replicate after opening it to solder in a remote sensor. Lesson learned I bought another cheap unit and just spliced the wire from its remote sensor to the one I already had. Hopefully this will serve for years.

Yesterday I had the misfortune for the second time of being refused service at the hospital because I was too ill, hopefully eventually I'll recover enough to enable them to follow up on the temporary filling they put in my aching tooth 3 months ago. It can't be all bad though as the State Government would have to be reducing their losses from their health service by being more selective.

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